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Scheme/Programme Related Forms

1.  Research & Development                                 DOC    PDF

2. Research & Development  - SVTK                     DOC    PDF

3.  Popularization Activities  Form  One                         DOC      PDF

4.  Popularization Activities  Form  Two                         DOC      PDF

5.  Popularization Activities  SC&ST Form  One            DOC      PDF

6.  Popularization Activities  SC&ST Form  Two            DOC      PDF

7.  Science for Socio-economic Development (SSED)  English     DOC     PDF      Hindi       DOC       PDF   PDF

8.  FTYS                                                                         DOC     PDF

9.  SSW                                                                          DOC     PDF

10. ITG                                                                           DOC     PDF

11.  Patent Information                                                   DOC    PDF      FORM       Brochure

12   Navachar                                                                 DOC    PDF




Thrust Areas

Science Polularization Scheme of MPCST

Proposal are invited from Govt Dept of MP, Instuitutions including school, colleges, universities, (Govt and Private both), Non Government Organizations,  Govt of India Organizations situated at MP etc, for funding on the thrust areas listed below for the financial year 2017-18 indicating clear scientific activities to be done. 

Thrust Area:

·           Flageship Programs of Govt. of India including Digital India, Startup India, Swachachha Bharat Abhiyan etc. (Proposals must contains detail scientific inputs of programs)

·           All Thrust areas decided under Narmada Seva Mission of Govt. of MP (Proposals must contains detail scientific inputs of programs)

·           Awareness/ tradional knowledge/  program on women securities, women empowerments using technologies.  (Proposals must contains detail scientific inputs of programs)

·           Celebration of National Day of Importance like, National Science day, National Maths Day, National Enviounemental day, Teachers day, National Technology Day etc

·           Celebration of International Theme decided by UN. This year the theme is “Science and Technology for Tourism” (Proposals must contains detail scientific inputs of programs)

·           Development of innovative scientific material for teaching purposes in rural schools including development of scientific materials for persons with special abilities (Divyangjan)

·           Visit of school students of tribal districs of Madhya Pradesh to Scientific Institution and  scientific Labs of Madhya Pradesh (Only for Govt Organizations)

·           Organizing Science Fair, Summer Science Camp, Sky watching at special occasions, science olympiads, Innovative teachers selection (SISE), western India science fair (SISE), science drama, science fiction, eminent scientist lecture  etc.

·           Paticipation in Childern Science Congress, participation in Final rounds of various olympiads organized outside Madhya Pradesh (VIII-XII) class.

·           Miscellaneous program fulfilling the objectives of science popularizations subjected to approval by DG MPCST and duly constituted commitee.

Hence applications are invited through :

1.        Individuals not affiliated to any Institutes:  who are working on the areas of modern science and willing to work with MPCST as Resource Persons or want to empannled themselves  as master trainer of MPCST should apply,

2.        Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities, Govt of India situated at MP), recognized from duly constituted govt. authorities.

3.        Non Goverment Organizations who are registered at Darpan Portal of Niti Ayog and Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad and having an experience of minimum 3 years of working on the area of thrust areas enlisted above.  However, priorities will be given to NGO’s registered in districts for which the program is being proposed

Research and Development Projects:

·         Climate change Modeling

·         Nano-technology

·         Water Resources Management

·         Mineral investigation

·         Rural technology

·         Technology Transfer (BARC Technologies, Iron/Fluoride Removal Technologies etc.)

·         Agriculture/Food Preservation/Food Fortification

·         Clean and Renewable Energy

·         Waste Management

·         Health and Hygiene

·         Organic Farming in Narmada Catchment area

·         Documentation of Traditional Practices and Knowledge

·         National Days and Events

·         Others not included above

Thrust Area for R&D under Narmada Seva Mission of MPCST

1.             Development of districwise/blockwise River Health Indicator for Narmada with reference to 16 districs considered under NSM for following:

·         Water Quality parameters

·         Aquatic life parameters

·         Soil conditions of banks of river

·         Flow Water conditions

·         Providing Technological solution for above


2.             Preparing Compandium of works done related to Narmada Basin and tributaries on following:

·         Geological,

·         Ecological,

·         Enviornmental,

·         Scientific practices of Premitives

·         Organic Farming practices

·         Waste management Practices


3.             Providing Low cost technological solution to dispose of agricultural waste remains after harvesting

Science for Socio Economic Developments:

·         Waste Management  - Narmada Seva Mission

 Technologies for the Conversion of bio-waste into compost / organic farming ( Vermicomost and other low cost technologies ) .Training programmes near villages of Narmada river in  selected districts will be organized through Gov./Non Gov. organizations.

·         Health –Training programmes  for women /self help groups ( preparation of low cost sanitary Napkins ,Scientific ways to reduce malnutrition).

·         Energy- Promotion of Non conventional Energy- Training for production of biofuel (Briquette Technology)  with demonstration of eco-friendly chullha.

·         Skill development of self help groups of  existing MPCST supported clusters

·         Programmes through Govt. organizations.-

-    Workhshops for women empowerment, Women Science Sammelan, Skill development programmes.

Seminar / Symposium / Workshop:

No Specific Theme/ Thrust Areas are decided for organizing Seminar / Symposium and Workshop