Quality Assurance Laboratory


Quality Assurance Laboratory (QAL) an ISO 9001-2008 certified, has been functioning under M. P. Council of Science and Technology since 1987 to benefit the State by extending analytical services mainly in the areas of Bioscience, Chemical science, Agriculture, Health and Environment. The analytical equipment is essential for carrying out specific investigations for research purpose keeping the view in mind at present Quality Assurance Laboratory is well equipped and functional to provide Instrumental and analytical facility and back up support of R&D services under the following objectives to scientific community of the State.


  • To provide analytical services for sample analysis for quality check (water, soil, food and Agri- produce, herbal drugs and products) and instrument facilities for characterization of the samples.
  • To organize training programme and Laboratory visit.
  • To extend analytical facilities for Project / Dissertation / Internship / Ph. D experimental work for M. Sc. / M. Pharma / M. Phil / B. Tech / M. Tech for 1-6 months.

Facilities for R & D

Following working areas available in the Laboratory

  • Determination of concentrations of elements in sample in PPM/PPB level.
  • Chromatographic separation of organic compounds, isolations, identification by external standard method.
  • Compositions of organic compounds using external standards.
  • Synthesis and characterisation.
  • On line process monitoring.
  • Structure identification and quality control.
  • Spectrophotometric determinations of concentrations of solutions in UV & visual range.
  • Water & Soil Testing
  • Food and Agri-produce
  • Herbal Drugs
  • Synthetic Drugs and Cosmetics